Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Meet Sonali- Founder of MultiCulti Co

Multiculti Co's founder, Sonali, is a mother of three girls who enjoy wearing vibrant clothing from around the world. They love hearing the stories of where the clothes come from, and that the clothes are helping other mums and kids who live in countries that are not as fortunate as Australia to go to school, buy healthy food, see the Doctor and other important things.

Multiculti Co is a sewcial enterprise that partners with marginalised women in developing countries to hand make clothing for the Australian market, using the women's traditional materials and techniques. The Mama Makers include Syrian and Palestinian refugees living in dire situations in Jordan, Indigenous women from Mexico and Guatemala, some of India's poorest women, and four sisters in Senegal. 

Sonali has over a decade of experience working in international development for organsations such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. She firmly believes that the economic empowerment of Mothers in the developing world is a missing link in helping to dramatically reduce poverty in our lifetimes. By purchasing Multiculti Co's ethically produced garments, you are helping to empower the women who make these clothes, and provide them with a liveable income which will be directly spent on their children's health, education and a more prosperous future for all the world's children!

Some beautiful outfits 

To celebrate Mother's Day, Multiculti Co is having a sale on its gorgeous Mexican Dresses for Women and also for Girls. There are also a few other beautiful garments on sale that are perfect for the colder months. Dress ethically this winter and spread the multicultural love. Shop Sale here 

Sonali with her beautiful family 


  1. Wow these garments sound amazing! I love products that support a good cause.

    Laura || www.thelifeoflaura.com.au xx

  2. Great post my love she sounds like a fantastic individual ♥

  3. Beautiful family! Beautiful story

  4. It sounds like a wonderful cause!

    Amy // www.thenoiseinwonderland.com

  5. What a great cause! The outfits look beautiful too!

  6. Oh how lovely is this! Beautiful clothes.

    Sharni // www.agirlandgrey.com