Saturday 21 January 2017

Interview with Canelle and Morgan from Petit Kiddo

Petit Kiddo is a new Australian brand that I want to introduce. Petit Kiddo makes Natural baby bum cleansers for your babies and toddlers and is designed by 2 mothers Canelle and Morgan. This product does 3 things in the one product: Cleanses-Moisturises-Calms. I interviewed Canelle and Morgan to tell you more on this product and how Petitkiddo was created.

Tell me more about your product and why you created it?
We are 2 mums, with a total of 6 kids (3x2!). We are both French born, Australian at hearts. We want to have the best of our multicultural lives and families and share a mix of what we like. We love the Australian lifestyle and the energy but we were missing a specific, traditional babies and kids product: a Liniment Oleo-calcareous, a lotion/cream used to cleanse, moisturise and help protect - all at once- the sensitive bum skin of the babies and kids wearing nappies.
After doing it in our kitchens for years for own children we have decided to share it with other mums, dads, nans and pops of Australia. It is such a beautiful product.
What we offer is an alternative to the combo baby wipes+ nappy cream+baby powder. It is a 3in1 product. It is the very one product 90% of the French parents have when the welcome their newborn earthside. We want people to know that there is a way other than wipes to care for their babies bottoms. We believe in natural products - cosmetics touch our biggest organ-, locally made products and small businesses.

How do we use it?
  • Shake the bottle
  • One squirt on a cotton pad, toilet paper or washcloth
  • Gently clean the soiled area,
  • Repeat as needed.
  • No rinse required
  • Put a clean nappy on
  • VoilĂ !
  • Repeat: Use a often as you would use wipes.

What's next for Petit kiddo?
We want to educate people about this way of changing nappies/cleansing babies’ bottom and minimise waste; wipes are the number one cause of plumbers intervention these days…
We would love hospitals, daycare centres and creches to start using it, as it is in France.
We also have other projects in development, but it is a bit early to reveal them. What is sure is we will stick to our concept of “making the best of our multicultural” backgrounds.
….and balancing our work/life/family and kids, such a juggling act.

To find out more about this new brand click Here

Hope you enjoyed the Interview with Petit kiddo

*this product was kindly gifted from Petit Kiddo

Christina xx


  1. Wow! Sounds amazing! Have to try

  2. So clever! This sounds like such a great product!!

    Laura || xx

  3. This sounds like a lovely product. I love multitaskers!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  4. Sound like a great product! I became an aunt last year so I'll be sure to recommend this to my sister, it would be great to be able to do away with the wipes and cream and do it all in one go

  5. I have to tell all my mummy friends about this! It sounds great!

  6. I LOVE this product! The smell is beautiful and my baby's skin is sooooo soft. Mmmm... I'm in love ❤️