Monday, 18 September 2017

Bed time in Ergo Pouch Australia

September 18, 2017
Ergo Pouch is a great Australian company founded in 2008 by a mum who was sleep deprived new mum Alina Sack. Alina was inspired to develop her first ergo sleeping bag with her first son who was a 'challenged sleeper'. She was determined to make it work, got sewing and made her first Sleeping bag and it worked. From there Ergo Pouch was created. Ergo Pouch is award winning, ergonomically designed swaddles, sleeping bags, sleep suit bags and pyjamas. 

Made from breathable, skin-friendly natural fibres, Ergo Pouch gives mothers peace of mind their babies and toddler are using only the best. 

The girls and myself got to have a look at the 2017-2018 lookbook and use a few products and give it the thumbs up. Here's a sneak peak of look book and what's available at Ergo Pouch.

Cocoons- Swaddle and Sleep Bag
They are designed with a zipper, it keeps Bub swaddled and snug. Easy to use, and hard for Bub to escape from. Organic cotton, and can be used in all seasons with particular layers fabric changes for each season. Suitable for buns to 24 months 

Sleeping Bags- Tog rated sleeping bags
These sleeping bags have a 400+ thread count organic cotton outer with stretch inserts on the sides and shoulders, which is great for moving more freely but also stay comfy while they sleep. This is a good transition from the cocoon and can be used up to 24 months. 

Sleep suit bags- Convertible sleeping bags.
Keep your child warm without the need for adding extra blankets. It converts from a sleeping bag to a suite with legs using zippers. Super soft made from organic cotton and bamboo, stretchy inserts, grip pads for walking and a four way zipper. Madison my four year old used this and loved it. She could still easily walk around in it, loved how soft it felt and was and I felt happy knowing that even though she kicked her blankets off she was still warm in this suit. She's been using it everyday and keeps asking me for another one for her sister... so sweet. 

Layers- Tog rated sleep wear
Organic cotton, tog rated, wonderul for all seasons. Macie used the long sleeve layer, it fit her nicely, felt so soft and easy to take off with two way zipper. 

Final thoughts
I really like that Ergo Pouch is perfect for new Borns and toddlers, having the tog temps is definitely a plus and makes life easier knowing how many layers to add or take off your child. Highly recommend. I just love this brand was created by a mum, I was once a very sleep deprived mum, and there will be many more sleep deprived mums to come.. nice to know a mum thought of this to help us all out.

Check out Ergo Pouch for collection Here

** Product gifted for review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Help your cholesterol with 5 simple kitchen staples with Stephen Eddey

September 11, 2017
It may be surprising to hear that not all cholesterol is bad for you. 

There are two types of cholesterol; Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). LDLis what is known as the ‘bad’ cholesterol, as it contributes to the development of atherosclerosis forming plaque that can clog arteries and make them less flexible or even vulnerable to rupture. Elevated levels of LDL are considered the main risk factor for cardiovascular issues and lowering such levels decreases the cardiovascular risk. In turn, HDL is known as ‘good’ because it helps remove LDL from the arteries and delivers it back to the liver, where it is broken down and passed from the body.

Whether you want to lower your cholesterol or just keep it in a healthy range, eating well can help. A host of ingredientscan help balance cholesterol and many of them may already be in your kitchen cupboard. 

Stephen Eddey, nutritionist, naturopath and Principal of Health Schools Australia, shares some common kitchen staples, and a novel new ingredient, that can help maintain healthy cholesterol.

Olive Oil
Butter contains about 50% saturated fats. Replacing butter with olive oil -  a common cooking ingredient - can help balance your cholesterol levels. Olive oil is full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which work to decrease LDL. Making the simple swap from butter to olive oil can reduce saturated fat intake by up to 10% according to the CSIRO. 

If you're looking for a snack food that lowers cholesterol levels, research suggests you should get cracking! Nuts are rich in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, soluble fibre and plant sterols to keep blood vessels healthy. One study has shown that adding nuts to a Mediterranean-style diet lowers the risk of heart disease by 30%. Unsalted almonds, walnuts and cashews are good options. However, while nuts are heart healthy, they're also high in calories, so it’s best to stick to a handful (30g) per day.

Policosanol (Cuban Sugarcane Wax Alchohols)
Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels can be quite simple, but there’s no single magic bullet. 
Doctors recommend taking a multi-tiered approach that combines regular exercise with a varied and balanced diet overall. Cholesterol management can also be supported by complementary medicines such as Cuban Policosanol which is isolated and purified from a natural source: the Cuban sugar cane wax. It can help to reduce LDL and may help to increase HDL levels, thus improving the ratio of good/bad cholesterol. 

If you want to lower your cholesterol, the key may lie in a humble bowl of porridge. Oats contain high levels of beta-glucan, a type of soluble fibre that has been shown to lower both total and LDL cholesterol. Once digested the beta glucan forms a gel like substance that binds cholesterol in the intestines and prevents it from being absorbed into the bloodstream. A review of studies published found that peoplewith normal or high cholesterol who ate 3g beta-glucan a day reduced their total and LDL cholesterol levels by an average of 5% and 7% respectively. 

The key component in this heart-healthy food is the abundance of soluble fibre which forms a gel in water that helps bind acids and cholesterol in the intestinal tract, preventing their re-absorption into the body. Researchers at Arizona State University Polytechnic found that adding ½ cup of beans to soup lowers total cholesterol, including LDL, by up to 8%. 
From kidney beans to lentils and pinto beans to black-eyed peas — beans are a very versatile food to keep in the cupboard.

To find out more about cholesterol and its management please Visit

Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Please seek advice from your healthcare practitioner before considering the use of supplements. 

Do you have these staples in your kitchen? 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Let's celebrate the wonderful dads. Medela appreciation to dads

August 31, 2017
With Father's Day coming up I thought this was a perfect time to reflect on my years of motherhood and how my hubby has played a part and made a big difference to help me. 

Medela Australia conducted a survey with an overwhelming response of 7800 Aussie Mums to better understand the role and influence a father plays in supporting a new mum in the early days of motherhood. 

survey reveals; 
  • Dad is the no.1 most valuable source of support for new mums 
  • 90% of new mums are content with the level of support they receive from their partners. 
  • Only 3% feel like they need “a lot more support” from their partner. 
  • 81 % of mums said the most beneficial form of support they receive from their partner emotional support, followed by support during breastfeeding (63%) and then support with cooking
  • 4.5 out of 5 mums trust their partners to look after their baby in the first 6 weeks – even more so than their own mothers.

My hubby is the most amazing dad and has been my rock. The Medala survey was very interesting and got me thinking after reading the survey results. I thought I'd share my experiences on how hubby was there and a massive influence in the early days of new motherhood.

  • Emotional support was a massive thing I needed in the beginning, being so tired from no sleep, hard labour, first child and having No clue what to do, made me so overwhelmed and emotional. I'm so grateful and lucky my hubby was there for me, he picked me up made me calm and listened to my fears, concerns or whatever I was feeling.

  • I was SO scared to give Madison and Macie baths. They were so tiny and I was always so scared I would drop them cause they wiggled so much. They were both born in winter, colder weather too made them upset and cried through their baths which made me more nervous. My hubby, bathed both girls from the very start. He looked like he had done it before, so confident, calm and collected, he helped the girls settle, was so nice to see him have those moments with the girls. 

  • Breastfeeding was something I was excited to try, the first few days were tough for me. Hubby was there watching and cheering me on at every feed. He went as far as to help Madison and Macie latch on to my breasts to help me, this made a massive difference In my feeding, If he hadn't been there to do that I don't know if I would have gotten through getting the hang of it. 

  • Cooking and household chores! I didn't pre plan meals or think about how cooking and cleaning would change and impact me with a new born, but again hubby was there with me the first 8 weeks after Madison was born and I was so lucky he did cooking and helped with household. I still actually think he is a much better cook than me :)

What did you think of these findings? 

Medela Australia have also just released a brand new clip to complement the survey results. This emotional clip celebrates dads for their important role in the parenting journey 

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful hubby, My amazing father and father in law, and to all the fabulous dads out there! xx

Monday, 21 August 2017

Herbs to help you sleep like a baby

August 21, 2017
Herbs to Help You Sleep Like a Baby
Modern life might be getting in the way of sleep but there are many ancient herbal remedies ready to assist, Fusion HealthNaturopath, Erika Morvay explains.

Herbs for Better Slumber
In Traditional Chinese Medicine insomnia can be attributed to disturbance of the Shen. Considered to be our mind and spirit, the concept of Shen is closely related to the heart-organ meridian system and at nighttime is located in the heart space. 

Calm the Shen and nourish the heart with the following herbs:

Known for its sedative properties, Ziziphus has been used in both Western and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine for managing symptoms such as difficulty falling or staying asleep, excessive dreaming, light sleep and mild anxiety.

With sedative, anxiolytic and hypnotic effects, Passionflower has been used in Western Herbal Medicine to help relieve symptoms of nervous restlessness, insomnia and mild anxiety.

Thanks to its sedative and hypnotic action, Albizia has a history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine to manage symptoms of insomnia, irritability and forgetfulness and is often used in combination with other sedating herbs.

Renowned for its calming and relaxing qualities, Polygala is frequently used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help with symptoms such as insomnia, agitation, stress, mild anxiety and nightmares.

Tip: All sedating herbs mentioned above are recommended to be taken 30-60min before bed.

Herbs for a Calmer Condition
According to the National Health Survey of 2014-15, anxiety-related conditions were the most frequently reported with one in twenty Australians reporting both an anxiety-related condition and a mood (affective) disorder.

Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Western Herbal Medicine, the following herbs can provide additional support for managing symptoms of stress and mild anxiety:

Holy Basilalso known as Sacred Basil or TulsiWithania and Magnolia Bark are used to assist in the management of general stress symptoms. These herbs may treat an array of concerns including mild anxiety, irritability, restlessness, tiredness, nervous indigestion, poor concentration, forgetfulness and stress‐related sleep disturbance.

Tip: If symptoms of mild anxiety or nervousness interfere with sleep, the herbs mentioned above may be combined with sedating herbs 30-60min before bed.

Note: Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, please consult your healthcare practitioner.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Leapfrog toy review

August 16, 2017
Recently We tested out some new toys from LeapFrog, an innovator in learning toys for children. They believe that every child’s development is a continuous journey that happens one spark, one discovery, one success at a time. 

They have a new range of modern tech toys for children that assist in educating them in learning the alphabet, counting, shapes and lots more.

Sing and Snuggle Scout & Violet (suitable 6+ months), RRP $16.95ea 
Meet this cutie, Scout, he is the most cutest bright coloured companion for your child. He wears a collar with his name on it and his tummy has lots of fun engaging options for your child. You press the buttons in his tummy to hear about letters, numbers and shapes. That's pretty cool right? Not only is he the perfect companion during the day, at night you can take him to bed, where he has four songs and melodies to assist your child to sleep. 

Fridge Numbers (suitable for 2-4 years), RRP $29.95ea
This game is a very fun and clever way to teach colours, numbers, matching and counting, with magnetic tiles to stick to your fridge. 
To learn and play is simple, you place a number or vegetable tile in Scouts picnic basket. Once you place tile in picnic basket you hear scout count the number or fruit and encourage more interaction.
 One example is, if you place number 1 in picnic basket, Scout will then say "Can you find the banana"? When the child finds the banana Scout will then say, "Bannana is a fruit, can you find another fruit"?
Another example is if you put  a fruit or vegetable tile in it will sing how many items are in the picture and encourage you to find the number matching. Say you put the carrots in, the picture shows 2 carrots, Scout will then say there are two carrots.
There is 20 interactive titles included. 
Numbers 1-10 are included and the fruits and vegetables include, banana, carrot, grape and more.

What we thought of these products:

The fridge numbers have been so fun and very interactive to play as a family. We all head to the kitchen and the girls love us getting involved and we love encouraging them. The game is bright, engaging and really does help with developing their skills in counting, colours and matching. 
I've seen a massive improvement in Macie, she's just turned two and the more we play this the more confident she becomes. Another good thing about this, The girls have been playing this on the fridge while I cook, been perfect for me to still interact and cook without distractions of walking in and out of the kitchen.

Sing and snuggle Scout is simply adorable. He is just the perfect size to carry around at home, car, pram to be the perfect buddy for your child, he has been the perfect one for both girls. They both love him and have been sharing him during the day,  and Macie has been taking him to bed. 

To see more on these products Leap frog

** These products were sent for review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, 14 August 2017

My slumber party with The sleepover Club

August 14, 2017
The month of July is always a very busy month for us, Madison and Macie celebrate their birthdays... 9 days apart. What does this mean, CELEBRATION and lots of it. I love to spoil my girls just like I was spoilt on my birthdays throughout the years. I had organised little parties for each of them, Madison with her pre school friends and Macie with family.. But always wanted to do more as Madison is at the girly girly stage of loving princesses, tea and cupcake time, anything pretty and pink and recently been asking for a "slumber party" in our bed. It must have been fate but the same night I was looking at what else I can do for my girls, I come across the COOLEST party specialists The sleepover club. 

The Sleep over club is run by a wonderful lady name Lara. Lara has a background in interior design of 20 years and started her business when she was trying to find a "WOW factor" party for her daughters upcoming birthday. That's how The Sleep over club was created. 
The sleep over club takes the time and sources the best bed linen and fabric and styling products and creates the perfect finishing touches to give every party that take your breath away moment. 

What your package includes: 

-Tent frame

- Single mattress

- Tray table

- Night light

- Birthday message light-box

- Individual ‘blackboard’ name plate

- Styling products (fairy lights, bunting, lots of cute cushions and floor rugs)

- Bedlinen (Quilt and quilt cover, fitted sheet, mattress protector, and pillow case)

- Blankets (in the colder months)

- Complimentary Party bag, containing a dental kit (toothbrush and toothpaste) and a super cute sleep-mask.

- And finally, the birthday girl (or boy) receives a beautiful gift as a thank you from the Sleepover Club.

Themes Available to hire:
Pirate cove 
Twinkle sparkle shine 
Beautiful dreamer 

What can you expect when you book a party:
Lara is so professional and easy to talk to. She comes to your place of party choice and sets up everything. Her attention to detail is amazing and you can be sure all will look gorgeous. She sets up everything, you don't need to worry about anything looking out of place or put together it's all covered. 

Our night:
Madison, Macie and I had our slumber party in our living room.. I surprised my girls and wish I filmed their little excited faces when they saw everything set up, they were blown away and so happy. 
We made home made pizza, watched movies and read books together in my tent then when it was 
bedtime went in each of our tents. The beds are blow up ones and were very comfy and we all slept 
well. I suffer from a bad back but woke up with no pain which is amazing and shows how comfy these beds are.

Overall I can say I think this was a fabulous experience, one I will never forget and so glad I got the
opportunity. The Sleepover club was so great in every way. Highly recommended. 

Check them out

** This was a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

NUBO play

August 10, 2017
Madison and Macie were so excited to visit NUBO. NUBO meaning cloud, is a new modern, educational play space for children. Located in Alexandria Sydney, the design is amazing like nothing I've ever seen, it allows parents to interact with their children safety or watch them from a safe distance.

The moment we walked in I knew we were Going to love it. Upon entering you are asked to take your shoes off and there's a cool locker storage space for your shoes and other items, you are given a marker to write your name on your locker. From there the fun begins!

There is a cool high hot air ballon with feature space for you to take your book of choice from the library up and have a read. There are many books to choose from and so lovely to sit and read my girls some books. 

So many fun play areas for different age groups, there is a baby section with soft toys and play equipment, For toddles there is a fun ball pit area and a few slides, Madison and Macie couldn't get enough of this section they loved going up and down the slide into the ball pit. In the middle there is a huge slide and climbing area for the older kids and one more play space which is a blue room for building  filled with blocks, Kaledo gears  and magnet formers. 

The create room has a host and  something different on everyday from painting, cooking, play, music. Madison and Macie joined the morning class which was painting and they had so much fun. The facilitator showed them how to mix paint colours and gave them fun things to paint with, stamps, rollers, brushes and of course my girls couldn't resist and they used their fingers to paint with Also. They got to take their paintings home and were very proud of them. 

Upstairs was a room had some fun pretend play equipment. I love these types of play as your kids imaginations can take them anywhere. Madison and Macie did some ironing, vacuuming and cooking and stopped to have a "coffee". 

The cafe area is located in the middle so you can sit enjoy some freshly cooked healthy food or drinks and watch your child play. 

We LOVED NUBO! It's so different to your typical play centre, it's so wonderful that the parents can get involved in the play with their children. I like that there is a form of education in NUBO and how clean it was. The children's bathrooms were so clean, the layout was a  perfect design for toddlers to go to the bathroom and wash their hands independently. Definitely will be returning and highly recommend.

Check out NUBO