Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Leap Frog toy review

June 23, 2020
Yes mummas, I’m back with more toys that’ll have your little ones laughing and learning their way through this chilly Aussie winter. Let’s get stuck into what we’ve been loving lately:

Number Loving Oven, RRP $39.95
The Number Loving Oven is the perfect recipe for number learning fun! From counting and cooking to serving and sharing, it's preschool prep for little chefs. With 16 fun ingredients included, the delightful singing oven warms up counting, sharing, fraction and vocabulary skills. Move the slider to explore numbers, time, and temperature, count along with the blinking light and more. Close the oven to explore numbers and counting. Open it to learn about counting and sharing. Share the pizza to practice early fractions. Cook up a storm as the frying pan sizzles when it is placed on the stove top. Serve up the fun with the Number Loving Oven. For preschoolers aged 2-5 years, the Number Loving Oven is available at Big W from June onwards.

Macie and I have been having so much fun with this one! When she’s off pre-school, I’m off work, so our house becomes an educational bake off! I can see a noticeable improvement in her counting and number skills, and she absolutely loves all the activities.

LeapStart 3D with 2 bonus books, RRP $89.95
LeapStart 3D is a complete learning system that magically brings books to life. When used with new 3D-like encoded LeapStart books, the LeapStart 3D hardware delivers a magical experience that enhances the learning fun with amazing animations through a pop-up holographic screen. The system stylus reads invisible dots on every page, triggering holographic animations along with questions, challenges, songs, jokes and more. Children will be excited as their favourite characters and objects come to life with amazing 3D-like animations, encouraging interactive play. Kids can engage with the step-by-step system to learn school and life skills through more than 600 activities that match the curriculum for their preschool and early school years. The grow-with- me stylus helps fine-tune gross motor skills providing the correct grasp for learning to write. The new LeapStart 3D bundle comes with two bonus books: Shapes & Colours with Creativity, and 200 Words in English & French. Each book seamlessly blends fun with skills from problem- solving to reading lessons, helping with your child's development and introduction to key concepts. Give your child a LeapStart into learning! For preschoolers aged 2-7 years, the LeapStart 3D with 2 books bundle is available at Big W and Target from June onwards for a limited time.

This is one of my favourites this year! It’s really helping Macie with her interactivity and reading skills, and being able to match the activities to the age group means we’ll be using this for years to come. The 3D hardware is super cool, too. Macie is always mesmerised when the holographic screen pops up!

Disney Frozen Learning Game for LeapPad, RRP $27.50 https://store.leapfrog.com/en-au/app- centre/p/disney-frozen-learning-game/_/Aprod59085-96914
Requests for beautiful ice sculptures are coming from all around Arendelle. Help Anna, Elsa and Olaf deliver what's needed while practising reading skills. Trace letters, spell words and more to unlock scenes from the Disney film. Spell words: Rearrange letters from words in the story to make smaller words – grow flowers for Olaf with every new word! Trace letters: Unleash Elsa's powers to write letters in the sky and create a dazzling sculpture of an object that begins with each letter. Build sentences: Help Olaf arrange flowers and create complete sentences. Then, adorn Elsa's ice sculptures with the bouquets. Suitable for 4-7 years, teaches Reading and Writing skills including Grammar, Handwriting, Spelling, Story Sequence, and Word Building.

Cooking! Recipes on the Road Digital Game for LeapPad, RRP $22.00 https://store.leapfrog.com/en-au/app-centre/p/cooking-recipes-on-the-road/_/Aprod58515-96914 Use math skills to cook up the best food in town. Cook up fun by following recipes, selecting ingredients, and serving tasty food to hungry customers. Heat and Weigh: Heat food to the correct temperature, calculate the right weight and be ready to double an order at a moment's notice. Pick and Measure: Pick the correct ingredients and measure the proper amounts to prepare exactly what your customers crave so they'll keep coming back for more. Order up! Assemble a dish, one ingredient at a time, in an orderly manner. See how you ‘stack up’ and earn ‘tips’ for a job well done. From measuring and counting ingredients, to calculating weight and doubling an order, cooking is naturally chock-full of maths. Enjoy the fun of cooking and explore decimals, fractions, percentages, and a variety of maths topics that translate to the real world. Suitable for 5-8 years, teaches Maths skills including Addition, Measurement, Multiplication, and Subtraction. For preschoolers and kids aged 3 years and over, the LeapPad Digital Games are available from the LeapFrog App Centre as a digital download.

It’s been a busy few weeks in lockdown for Macie and Macie as they have worked their way through these new LeapPad games. Madison got the flare for cooking and recipes now with Recipes on the Road, and the Frozen Learning Game, well – do I really need to explain?! If you’ve got a child who isn’t completely obsessed by Frozen, you must be one of the few escapees! She absolutely loves it, though, and with so much learning happening at the same time, it’s fine by me!

Further information on LeapFrog and its products, visit www.leapfrog.com.au, or check out the LeapFrog news on Facebook LeapFrog ANZ and Instagram

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Comfy mum style with Femme luxe

June 18, 2020
Ok guys, this Mumma has been getting a bit of a glow up in lockdown – believe it or not! I’ve been trying some new fashion looks from FEMME LUXE. With great prices and quick delivery to Australia, it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to reinvent your style when we come out of lockdown!

For the school drop off
Casual cool matching loungewear that looks put-together but also extra comfy. Shop HERE

For the shopping days
A classic slogan tee can be paired with jeans, pants or a patterned skirt – it’s a must have Mumma staple. Shop HERE

For the mums group day
These relaxed, urban cargo pants are the perfect dressed-down look for Mumma catch up time. Shop HERE

For the home days
It has to be more loungewear! This navy matching set makes me feel extra boujie at home! Shop HERE

Stay tuned for our favourite picks next month!


Friday, 12 June 2020

Emma original Mattress- Review

June 12, 2020
Using the latest foam technology, our mattress experts worked tirelessly to create the best mattress at an affordable price. Made to suit every body type and all sleeping positions, our Emma Original Mattress provides you with the optimum amount of body support, pressure relief and comfort. Combining pressure-relieving, supportive and eco-friendly breathable foams, this award-winning mattress with its 7 zones of support is everything you need to get the best night’s sleep. 

Mumma got a new mattress! I’ve had back issues for years and we’ve had our existing mattress longer than I care to admit! I felt it was time about time to upgrade, and what with being home a lot more, it seemed the perfect time to have it delivered and get it all set up.

I have heard so many great reviews about the Emma Mattress and saw that it won most awarded mattress in Europe in 2019, PLUS just awarded Choice recommended status! I figured if the chic and stylish Europeans love it, I need it! The Emma Mattress comes compressed into a box, and after 24 hours laid flat, it’s fully decompressed.
 The girls helped us unbox and were just so amazed when they saw the bed unfold. It really is incredible how they fit it into that convenient box! Everything ran super smoothly with our order and it arrived super fast.

We ordered a king size bed and were super impressed with the comfort. The king gives us that little bit of extra space for family time, especially during isolation. 

Emma offers a 100 day free trial and a 10 year warranty on all mattresses, so if anything goes wrong or if it’s not perfect for your sleeping style, you’re covered! I change sleeping positions throughout the night and found the mattress was perfect for all my weird sleep styles. It was refreshing to wake up pain free and well-rested for the first time in ages, too! 

The layers are designed to specifically provide the right pressure for all different areas of your body, and the advanced motion isolation means movement in the bed doesn’t wake a sleeping partner – bonus!

The Emma Mattress is totally family-proof, too, with a zip-off mattress cover that can be machine-washed for stains, spills and of course, accidents!
At such a great price and with ultra-convenient delivery, I’d highly recommend the Emma mattress to anyone looking to upgrade their sleep.

We have a great discount available for 15% off Emma mattress use code MADISON15 HERE

** This is a collaboration with Emma mattress, All thoughts my own

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Dreaming of our next roadtrip using Elinz dash cam and DVD player

April 28, 2020
Alright, this isolation has me dreaming of our next road trip. It’s looking like international travel will be off the agenda for quite a while, but I’m really hoping it’s safe enough to return to more local travel soon!

One thing I’m super excited about using when we get back out on the road is our new dash cam and in-car DVD player!

To be honest, I’d never really thought about getting a dash cam, I assumed they were just for trucks and other delivery vehicles. But, we’ve been loving the Elinz Dash Cam on our short essential trips to the supermarket!

The best part is the dash cam can record the front or the rear of your car, so it’s really handy for parking as our car doesn’t have a fancy built in camera.

We also got the Elinz In-Car DVD player, which keeps the girls entertained on long drives. They’re getting to that age now where they understand why the drive is taking a long time, but they still need some entertainment to keep them interested.

I can’t wait to get back out on the road and use our new car gadgets! I feel like a super mum now because I’ll be able to use the rear cam to park anywhere I like haha! It’s also really handy to have if we were ever involved in an accident. The camera can record high quality video, which can be used to trace the cause of road incidents.
Stay safe, everyone!

More on Dash cam HERE

More on DVD player HERE

**In Collaboration**

Sunday, 26 April 2020

DIY Mother's Day cards using CRICUT JOY

April 26, 2020
Mother’s Day is coming up fast and my most favourite gift I like to receive and give is a card, it’s a  beautiful personal touch that comes from the heart, and lasts forever.

This year we are making our own Mother’s day cards using our new Cricut Joy! If you haven’t seen it yet, the Cricut Joy is the newest, powerful but tiny, cutting machine from cricut. It can create customised labels, vinyl decals, iron on transfers, birthday banners and so much more.

One of the things I love about this machine is that it’s small and easily portable. It fits in the cupboard or looks great on the table, packs away easily and sets up instantly making it super easy to move from room to room  You are using smaller material size, which makes the whole Joy portable and compact! Perfect as I don’t have alot of space at home. I cannot wait till #isolife is over, Il be able to take this baby to friends houses to get some crafting on!


Cricut Joy
•Joy CardMat
Insert Card Kits
Basic Tool Set


Step 1 – Open Design Space – search for Quick Cuts in cartridges (Images > Cartridges > Quick Cut or go to Projects> Free For Cricut Joy). Select a card and choose “Make It”

Free Cuts In Cricut Design Space

Step 2 – Review Artwork – make sure the “on Card Mat” is selected and choose “Make”

Step 3 – Load Paper on Mat – using the Insert Card Kits, place a folded card into the mat so that the back of the card is protected. Insert into the Cricut Joy machine. The sensors will feed the mat in.

Insert Card Kit Into Card Mat

Step 4 – Cut – your machine is connected by bluetooth and there are no buttons on the machine. You’ll have to make all your actions on your mobile device or computer.

Fold Over To Sticky Side

Step 5 – Insert – Once the card is complete, insert the backer card into the corners of the card and you’ll immediately have a pop of colour and lots of dimensions to your card.


To write or draw on the inside of the card, fold the card inside out and repeat the steps above. Be sure that your Draw design is properly oriented and positioned on the project preview screen.
Cricut Joy Blade will leave impressions on your mat as it cuts all the way through your material. It’s fine and normal and actually looks kinda cool

Cricut Joy is available at Spotlight stores and TVSN.


Hope you enjoyed this Blog, Next month we will be sharing some DIY kids crafts using our Cricut Joy.

** CRICUT has kindly gifted machine, all thoughts my own**

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Isolation with young children

April 08, 2020
German International School Sydney’s Head of Preschool and Pedagogue, Silke Bethke shares tips for being isolated with young children.

Being in isolation with young children can be challenging. It might be helpful to keep in mind that young children do not need to be entertained the whole time. Once engrossed in meaningful play, children can be engaged on their own and be in the flow for an extensive period of time. Therefore consider providing them with open-ended materials that encourage creativity and play, such as blocks, boxes, craft materials, paint, puzzles and books.

Be mindful about screen time as, whilst children will be quietly watching (perhaps even for an extensive period of time), once the screen will be switched off, they usually will be restless and very active afterwards, often finding it harder to get into play. Letting them endure a little boredom is nothing to worry about as it is actually a necessity which triggers the need to gradually find a strategy towards developing meaningful activity. Instead of giving in to nagging, show your child that you trust in their ability to cope.

Perhaps find ways to engage your child with daily chores such as cleaning, emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming, folding the washing and similar house work. This helps the children develop practical skills, self-esteem and independence. It also aids with forming good habits.

Young children need plenty of sensory stimulation, so will enjoy anything that involves engaging all senses (cuddling, rough and tumble play, making goop or playdough, games during which they can be physically active, sand and mud play, music and dancing, gardening…). Cooking together with your child falls into this category and also provides opportunities to learn about nutrition and measurement. Board games are fun and are great for developing literacy and numeracy skills.

Reading stories is invaluable when it comes to literacy development and are a nice way to bond and start conversations. Afterwards you can encourage your child to draw a picture from the story. It might be nice to read a longer story that can be stretched out over a number of days, which gives your child something familiar to look forward to.  Also, creating a drawing diary or a journal with visual representations of activities that the child did during the day might be a nice project to do with your child as it helps with reflecting on experiences and learning.

Generally, it will be of help to establish some kind of daily routine as this makes the day more predictable and will result in less unsettledness or challenging behaviours.   Trying to make the best of a bad situation will help your child develop a positive outlook on life and become resilient even when faced with challenges. Should you have specific ideas that worked well for you and your child please share these with the other families. Hopefully stressful times like these will bring us together as a community despite the social distancing which is currently required.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Top 3 products im using during isolation COVID19

March 30, 2020
I hope everyone has been well during this scary time in the world. I wanted to share a few products that can be handy to have during this time, when we’re all stuck inside and trying to calm our anxiety on an hourly basis!

Whether you’re working from home, doing home learning with the kids, or working for yourself, it’s important to have a few things to keep you occupied and separate that work-home life.


Gone are the days of a tangled cable mess or fumbling in the dark to charge your smartphone! Reduce clutter on your desk or nightstand with the 4-in-1 Digital Alarm Clock Radio, featuring dual alarms, FM radio and Qi wireless charging. You can even stream your tunes to the speaker via Bluetooth! With the large capacity 2000mAh battery, this multipurpose Digital Alarm Clock will be able to go with you on your travels – when we can travel again!

What I love
What I love about this is it helps us keep to a routine while in isolation and doing home learning away from school. Keeping the girls in routine is a real challenge, but I know it’s super important for their development. Waking up to this makes it ever so slightly easier to be productive!


Get the most out of your workouts by tracking important data such as heart rate, steps, sleep and more! Measuring your progress is easier than ever with the free VeryFitPro app, allowing you to maximize every session and alerting you in real time that you have reached your fitness targets. Whether you are hitting the gym, completing a run or swimming, the water resistance rating of IPX8 allows for you to use the V-Fitness Smart Watch in all conditions. Set steps, sleep and desired weight targets, allowing you to easily keep track of your goals and progression. By syncing your progress with the app on your smartphone, you're able to take calls, messages, reminders and control your music, all conveniently accessible from the flick of your wrist!

What I love
This handy little watch keeps me motivated to do more steps even when I’m not in my usual routine of getting to and from work. If it’s safe for you to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise, it’s great for the soul!

Smart Diffuser by CONNECT Smart Home | RRP $99.95 | Stockist: Harvey Norman |

Chill out with your own Smart Diffuser, which is compatible with your smartphone or smart speaker. Let the aromatic mist permeate through her home or office, the diffuser can be used with or without essential oils to either distribute relaxing scents or increase moisture levels to make any stale room feel livelier! The smartphone app allows her to set a timer, intensity and schedule of your 150mL capacity diffuser. You can even include the Connect Smart Diffuser as part of your existing smart ecosystem. Simply connect it to “scenes” with your smart speaker allowing a series of different actions to occur when you say “hey google, it’s time to relax”. Sit back, relax and watch as stress and worries melt away with soothing scents from your CONNECT Smart Diffuser

What I love
Well, first of all, it’s so pretty! I think anyone self isolating needs this beauty in the background while working from home, home learning or hustling away at a business! It’s comparable with Google assistant and Alexa, and it’s the one thing keeping me sane right now! It’s got our home smelling nice and brings us a sense of calm among all the madness.

Hope you enjoyed reading my favourite go-tos during this isolation period!

Stay safe, and look after yourself.