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Belinda Reynolds IsoWhey Nutritionist Interview on 15 day cleanse program

The Isowhey 15 Day Cleanse is a program, Based on traditional herbal wisdom, to support the body's natural cleansing process. The Isowhey kit includes two cleansing formulas, a body brush and a cleansing guide. The two cleanse formulations are Liver + Kidney and Stomach + Bowl.

Meet Belinda, A Isowhey Nutritionist who shares more information on the 15 day cleanse.

1. What can we expect to feel during the IsoWhey 15 day Cleanse ?
This can be very individual based on your circumstances and how you are currently feeling. 
During the cleanse itself, one of the more immediate results will be more frequent bowel movements (particularly if there was previous constipation). This is a positive response, as a significant part of the “cleansing” process is the excretion of waste from the bowel. There may be a reduction in fluid retention, reduced intestinal disturbances and clearer skin. Afterwards you may also find you have more energy, a clearer mind and are sleeping better. In order to maintain these benefits, it is best to stick with an eating plan that minimises the below “best to avoid” foods and beverages.
Some side effects of a cleanse can include head aches and feeling lethargic, also a slightly upset tummy (where you’re going to the bathroom more often than you would like!). These experiences can occur for a number of reasons. If you have been eating a diet which is lacking in fibre and leafy greens for a long time - the adjustments to the diet, and the herbs on top can cause a significant shift in your bowel habits. This can be a positive thing in the long term for your health - however if it is unpleasant, simply try halving the dose of the supplements.
Headaches can happen if you’re normally reliant on caffeine and sugar for your energy bursts. The brain may object to this withdrawal during the cleanse - and as a result headaches can occur. Ensure that you stay well hydrated - and try some green tea or dark, cocoa rich chocolate, as these provide a small amount of caffeine, and may help take the edge off. Also make sure you have some slow-release carbs at your meals so that your blood sugar stays stable (e.g. legumes, sweet potato, apples).

2. Do we still eat a normal daily diet?
This depends on what your normal diet looks like! If you are consuming a lot of the foods in the below “best to avoid” list - then it is ideal to make some changes during this time. Our bodies are detoxing all day every day, and when we consume foods such as the below, this can put more pressure on these processes. Removing these foods and replacing them with these fibre- and phytonutrient-rich plant foods, lots of water and certain herbal extracts will take the pressure off and also support detoxification pathways (e.g. providing the nutrients they need to function and stimulating the enzymes involved in these steps), and also the excretion of metabolised toxins via the bowel, kidneys and skin.
It is best to avoid:
• Sugar — including sweets, cordials, soft drinks and juices (unless freshly squeezed and watered down)
• Artificial sweeteners
• Processed foods (i.e. anything packaged), processed meats
• Preservatives
• Dairy — except natural, full-fat, sugar-free yoghurt (unless you have existing dairy allergies)
• Wheat — bread, pasta, baked goods
• Pastries — sweet or savoury
• Gluten
• Animal products in excess — chicken, beef, pork. If you feel you are lacking in protein you can incorporate fresh fish into your diet 1-2 times per week (be sure to purchase fish low in mercury such as salmon, ocean perch, trout or whiting).
• If you must have meat, make sure it is organic.
• Oily, deep fried, “fast foods”
• Saturated fats — fats that are solid at room temperature e.g. margarine, hard cheeses
• Peanuts, peanut oil and peanut butter
• Canola, vegetable, corn and palm oils=
• Condiments such as tomato sauce, chilli sauce, bottled dressings, mayonnaise, relish, etc. (Watch out for the added sugar and preservatives)
• Alcohol
• Caffeine — including tea, coffee, energy drinks and chocolate
This is a long list, and it may seem as though there aren’t many food options left - but if you stick to eating lots of vegetables and some fruit, raw nuts (except for peanuts) and seeds, organic eggs, organic meats, milk substitutes (e.g. almond, coconut, rice), herbal teas and dandelion root coffee, quinoa, tofu and legumes - there are a great variety of foods that you can have! See the IsoWhey 15 Day Cleanse Guidelines booklet for more information and recipes.

3. Are the ingredients natural?
Yes - the ingredients are natural herbal extracts plus nutrients which support processes involved in detoxification.

4. What tips do you have during and after the cleanse?
As mentioned earlier - it is best to maintain a “clean” eating plan with the odd treat in order to support your ongoing health, and maintain the benefits achieved through this reduced toxin load on the body. Ensure also that you are exercising regularly and look at what toxins you may be exposing yourself to on a daily basis and that could possibly be avoided (e.g. what skincare/haircare products are you using? Are you microwaving your food in plastic containers and drinking from plastic water bottles? Do you smoke? Do you drink too much alcohol?). Any steps taken to minimise toxin exposure is beneficial.
Green leafy, cruciferous and other colourful vegetables, and fibre are some of the most important ingredients to include in the diet to support the body’s cleansing processes on a daily basis. Focus therefore on fitting these into your meals wherever you can! 
E.g. Have an omelette in the morning with spinach and mushrooms, or a green smoothie (add avocado for creaminess and extra good fats); make a colourful salad full of leafy greens, and other vegetables with chicken/salmon for lunch; For dinner have a healthy stir-fry with your choice of protein, and herbs as seasoning, or protein and roasted vegetables. Use vegetable sticks and hummus or nut butter, or natural yoghurt with berries and raw nuts, as some ideas for snacks.

Thanks for sharing Belinda. To find out more on IsoWhey

Christina xx

** IsoWhey 15 day cleanse was kindly gifted.


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