Friday, 31 May 2019

Remington i-LIGHT Compact Control hair removal review

Who has time to shave or wax!? Definitely not me, and if there are any Mums out there who find the time, please share your secrets! I’ve been trialing out  i-LIGHT Compact Control as a permanent hair reduction solution,  and loved it so much I had to share!
Life is busy with two young girls, I just can’t keep up with appointments for laser hair removal or waxing. Being able to do this treatment in my own home after the girls are in bed is incredible.

Here’s how it works:

When to use: A typical hair reduction plan during a full hair growth cycle includes:
Treatments 1-6: plan two weeks apart
Treatments 7-8: plan four weeks apart
Treatments 9+: Treat as needed, until desired results are achieved.
The efficiency of hair reduction varies from person to person according to body area, hair colour, and how the device is used. A typical full hair growth cycle may take 18-24 months. During this time, multiple treatment sessions are required to achieve permanent hair reduction.

How to use:
Check your skin tone against the chart
Ensure you have not been tanning in the sun. Sun exposure causes high levels of melanin to be present and exposes the skin to higher risk of burns or blisters following treatment
Ensure the area to be treated is clean and free from oils, deodorants, perfume, make up, lotions and creams. Shave the hair from the area to be treated, and ensure the skin is clean and dry
Select your mode from either power mode (default mode) or sensitive mode (for those who find the power mode to be too intense)
Before your first full treatment, test the i-LIGHT® Compact Control on a small patch of skin and wait 24 hours to ensure there are no adverse reactions.
Once all is fine after the test, you can begin your bi-weekly treatments

Treatment Tips:
For best results, avoid overlapping flashes. This helps prevent exposure to more energy than is necessary to suppress hair growth. It also ensures that you get the maximum use of the bulb
For the most effective results, always use the highest intensity operating mode that does not cause discomfort on the skin. The level you use should feel warm on your skin, but should never cause discomfort
You may notice that bony areas, such as elbows, shins and ankles, are more sensitive during treatment. This is normal and should not be cause for alarm. To avoid this sensitivity, try stretching the skin away from the bony area during treatment
To use the IPL you must not have had laser in the past 6 months and you can’t have had major sun exposure for 2 weeks

My Experience
Alright, so how did a Mum like me go doing her own hair removal?! Well, I can honestly say this worked wonders for me! I’ve been using for 6 weeks and the results have been amazing. I used on my underarms – the peskiest area for hair, am I right? – and next I’ll be tackling my legs.
It was easier to use than I expected, and I didn’t get any irritation at all, even with my sensitive skin. If you’re short on time and sick of trying to keep up with shaving, this is for you. Shop HERE


  1. I've always wondered about this. I really need to give it a go. Great post.

  2. This looks so easy. Cool

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  4. Does it hurt?! I have always avoided these because they just sound painful haha I might have to try though

    Laura || xx

  5. How interesting! It sounds really good and I'm glad to hear it was easy! xx

    Di from Max The Unicorn

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