Thursday, 12 January 2017

Too busy for fitness? Use these Healthy lifestyle tips to find time for exercise

Whether you are a busy professional who is yet to be a mum, a mum of one or a mum of multiples, you may be finding it a bit difficult to stay fit and healthy. Well, we totally understand and thought we should let you know that you are definitely not alone. Unfortunately, women all around the world put their families and their careers before their own health and wellness. However, your family, your employees and/or your employer depend on you to maintain a certain level of health in order to be the very best you can be, so that being said check out these 3 healthy lifestyle tips that will help you stay in shape while having your busy schedule!

Track Your Daily Activity
Believe it or not, you may be working out without even knowing it. Running around after the kiddos, cleaning the home or walking up and down stairs from office to office are all activities that burn calories and tone the muscles. To determine how much exercise you get and how much you need each day to reach your goals, you may want to consider getting yourself a fitness tracker.

Make Exercise Fun
Let's face it. Running on the same treadmill each day or pedaling on the same bike will quickly get boring and mundane. This is why you need to figure out which types of exercise you like and which ones you don't. If you don't like running or jogging, try a fun activity such as playing netball or Pilates class , or some tennis lessons. Enjoy the water? Swim some quick laps each morning to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.

Find a Fitness Pal
The most effective way to ensure you are sticking to your workout regimen while juggling everything else in your life is by getting  the help of a spouse, family member, coworker or friend who understands how hectic your schedule can get. Ask this person to hold you accountable so you will never again ditch gym day just because your schedule is jam-packed.

Hoped you liked and use the above fitness tips to assist you in staying motivated, committed and determined.

Christina xx