Monday, 20 February 2017

Swimseal Ear Drops

I recently came into contact with a new brand Swimseal. Swimseal is a drop that stops water causing painful ears while you're swimming.

My daughters, hubby and I go swimming every week so this was perfect for us to try out. It was non invasive and easy to use, we simply added 2 drops in each ear before we got in the water. We felt normal like nothing was put in, and girls let us put the drops in no fuss. I was a little worried the girls would resist but to my surprise they were happy to allow me to add the drop.  To be honest I was expecting to feel like there was something stuck in my ear for some reason, but It was totally the opposite it felt like nothing.

Here are some Benefits of using Swimseal:
- Contains no alcohol, which means this won't sting the ear
- Contains Australian Tea Tree oil that helps prevent infection
-Suitable for All ages 6 Momths plus
- Forms a protective coating in the ear canal that expels water from the ear
- Non invasive and easy to use

I would definitely use this product again, I will have it packed in our swimming bags for our weekly lessons and swims and add to pre swim routine.

To find out more about Swimseal

Christina xx

** Although this product was gifted for review, all opinions are my own.


  1. I've been lucky to never really suffer from any ear problems while swimming, to be honest I didn't know people really got sore ears from swimming but this is a good thing to have in the back of my mind in case in anyone I know or I should need it :)

    Amy //

  2. These are clever! I always ended up with sore ears, or ears full of water when I swim. None of which is comfortable. I'll need to stock up on this, thank you opening my eyes to what I need in my life!

    Laura || xx

  3. What a great idea for people who have trouble swimming due to ear pain!

  4. I don't swim a lot but this is super handy for when I do! xx

  5. I cant swim but this sounds great for little ones!! Do you have a pool? xxx

  6. I ALWAYS have ear problems when I swim, so these drops are a great way to get rid of the issue!

    Sharni //

  7. What a clever product