Wednesday 29 March 2017

SEAQUATIX waterproof phone cases

I LOVE taking pictures of my girls while we are in the pool and while they are in the bath. But I  have always been scared to get my phone wet and damaged. I recently discovered Seaquatix waterproof phone protector and no longer have the worry about water damaging my phone and i can upload my pictures or videos in real time.

 It is waterproof to a maximum depth of 20 metres for up to 2 hours. It was great been able to be in the pool and take pictures and have that peace of mind my phone is ok.

Seaquatix is not only useful in water, but can provide the same benefits and protect against sand, snow, dust, and outings such as going for a run or other outdoor activities.

Its very simple to use, simply use thumbs to open lock system on both ends, place your phone or other valuables inside the Seaquatix, Ensure all air is pushed out before you seal it. Align lock system into place and lock.

I love this product and will definitely use this all the time, it looks nice, and most importantly allows me to capture photos of my girls anywhere I want without damaging my phone.

Seaquatix   Available in bright funky colors from pink, purple, green, blue, white, black and orange. Available in size small and large.  RRP $49.95

** I was gifted product, all thoughts my own


  1. I need this in my life

  2. I need this for my baths haha I am always so nervous my phone will fall in!

    Laura || xx

  3. I think everyone who loves a good bath could use this - I'm always taking a risk when I'm in the bath and checking Instagram or something haha

    Amy //

  4. That's so true I would just get it do I don't drop it in my bath

  5. Fantastic idea. I'd be still too scared to put it near water haha! So good that it protects against sand and stuff like that too!