Monday, 14 May 2018

Pancake on the rocks review

Last night was family dinner night, and for something a little extra special, we went to the iconic Pancakes on the Rocks. Pancakes on the Rocks first opened in 1975 on Hickson Road in The Rocks, Sydney. From this one location the famous pancake houses have branched out and opened more locations across New South Wales and Queensland. 

This place has always been a family favourite of ours. It’s really got everything. The menu is packed with options that the kids will love, and plenty for hubby and I, too. We get to sit in diner-style booth seats keeps my girls happy – and more importantly, firmly in their seats! 

The girls ordered a big breakfast for dinner (because why not!?). Their plates came piled high with scrambled eggs, bacon, hash brown and sausages. I went for a perfect steak, with a side of wedges and fresh vegetables, slathered in gravy and sour cream. Hubby went for the beef brisket. All of our meals were cooked to perfection, with real quality ingredients. I couldn’t fault it. 

The service was great – we were greeted well and the staff were never too far if we needed anything. They checked in on us a number of times, and were really chatty with my girls. 

We finished off the meal with Nutella pancakes – obviously! This new addition to the menu was one I just couldn’t resist, and perfect for a decadent finish to our family meal. 

I love to share all my foodie finds with you guys – I know how hard it is finding places that are appropriate for kids, without being a total nightmare.

Where are your favourite spots to eat out with kids? I’d love more recommendations!

Check out Pancake on the rocks HERE

**This meal was gifted for review purposes, all opinions my own 


  1. I love Pancakes at the Rocks. My only criticism of it is last time we visited which was on a week night and not a busy night they were whisking our plates away way too quickly and we felt unnecessarily hurried. The food was delicious as always and their mango daiquiri - YUM!

  2. We have been meaning to try this place. I will def give it a go it sounds fabulous.

  3. OHHH yum all of this loooks SOOO good!! MEM would love it ♥

  4. Yum! Those Nutella pancakes! I need to visit here on my next trip :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. Ooh I havnt been there for years! I still feel like the original store is the best!

  6. I was a bit confused by the lack of pancakes until the end- yum!
    Ebony x