Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Vtech Christmas gift guide

 It’s that time again – Christmas! And we all know what that means. It’s time for us to share some of our VTech favourites to help you tick some gifts off your list with ease. 

Myla’s Sparkling Friends, RRP $29.95 

Playtime is magical with Myla’s Sparkling Friends Mia the Unicorn,  Ava the Fox, and Penny the Peacock! These beautiful creative toys  Talk, sing, and light up with a kaleidoscope of colours. Touch the  magical necklace, then see the Myla’s Sparkling Friends’ eyes,  head, wings or tail change colour when you touch them. Sing  along to the songs you hear when you touch their mouth, and  trigger lights and fun responses when you squeeze their legs or  

move their wings or tail. Each Myla’s Sparkling Friends will react  with over 100 fun, magical responses about their mood, feelings, and lucky colours. Each magical creature comes with  additional accessories so you can add some extra flair. Collect all the friends for more colourful play (each sold  separately)! 

Myla’s Sparkling Friends are suitable for children 4+ years, and available from September at Big W, good toy stores and retailer. 

Why we love it 

This one is very sweet! The first thing the girls did was turn off the lights and watch their Myla friends  light up and sparkle in all different changing colours. They sing along to all their favourite songs, and they love getting real reactions from the Myla friends. As a parent it’s a really great feature to see in interactive toys, as it really promotes the idea of tuning into how we feel and not being afraid to talk about it.

Hope the Rainbow Husky, RRP $79.95

Meet Hope, she’s a beautiful Rainbow Husky and she’s hoping to  be your best friend! Hope has a lot to say, but her barks will need  translating through the magic stethoscope. Just hold it to her  chest so you can understand what it is she wants or needs you to  do! Hope talks, moves, and makes lots of different sounds to show  you if she’s hungry, has a cold or fever, has hurt her leg, or feels itchy.  

Use her fun accessories -- syringe, thermometer, bone treat and recovery collar -- along with seven buttons and sensors to make sure she gets what she needs. Hope encourages nurturing play and introduces health tips and medical tools, so she’s great preparation for visits to the doctor.  

Hope the Rainbow Husky is suitable for children 3 to  

8 years, and available from October at Big W,  

Kmart, good toy stores and online retailers. 

Why we love it 

Oh my, let me say this one is AMAZING! Both girls are absolutely obsessed with Hope! This toy teaches  your child the concepts of caring, patience and understanding, while also really highlighting the jobs of doctors and the importance of the work they do. Both girls are so gentle with Hope and work together to nurture her, which is really sweet to watch. The mini bag with all the doctor’s equipment is so cute, and they feel very official getting everything ready to treat Hope! Maybe I’ll have a couple of future doctors on my hands?!

Secret Safe Treasure Chest, RRP $49.95 

Keep your valuables safe with the Secret Safe Treasure Chest. This  beautifully designed Treasure Chest is great for protecting your most  precious stash. Unlock the Treasure Chest with your very own 4-digit  password to keep your secrets safe inside. Use the built-in alarm  

clock to help you wake up just in time to head off for the day.Play nine great learning activities that cover spelling, maths, logic and more. The built-in speaker allows you to play your favourite songs by connecting it to an external music player (not included).

The Secret Safe Treasure Chest is suitable for children 6 to 11 years, and available  from September at Big W, good toy stores and online retailers. 

Why we love it 

This is the perfect gift for any little girl. Madison feels so grown up with her secret safe and takes it very  seriously in hiding her passcode from Macie and everyone else in the family.  She has special toys and pictures stored in  there and absolutely loves playing the games. It reminds me so much of my secret diaries I used to have as a kid, and it’s really lovely to see her have something that she owns and watching her learn to set her own boundaries, too. 

Will you be picking up any of these VTech goodies for your Santa sacks this Christmas?! Let me know if you do and what your little ones think! After such a crazy year, it’s going to be so great to see the kids playing together at Christmas, and these goodies are the icing on top of a great and well-earned Christmas break.

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