Thursday, 7 December 2017

Peace of mind with TicTocTrack

Parenting comes with a number of challenges- But perhaps the biggest challenge of all is to ensure your child is safe, especially when they are not in your sight. 
As children grow, they of course try to push boundaries, explore everything and anything and make their own rules.

Fortunately, with wearable GPS watch trackers for our children this can give us some peace of mind. Whether your child is at day care, school excursion, theme park, shopping centre, family outing, you name it, having them wear there GPS watch tracker will help you keep track of children without been too intrusive.

We have been using TicTocTrack, which is Australian owned and operated.

How It works
You simply download the mobile app TicTocTrack for your Android or IOS device OR setup on their web platform.
It’s very easy to do, I set the girls watches up on my IPhone, and it only took a few minutes to add your details and contact number.
The watch allows you to store contacts, and each watch has a sim so your child gets their very own mobile number. The app shows a map on where your child is, and updates if a message comes through or missed call.

More Features
- On and off button
- You can name the watch 
- SOS button 
App shows battery level
Automatically updates time to local time zone
- Works as a Pedometer 
Watch screen displays battery, time, date and name
12 month warranty and 14-day returns period
- Touch screen operation 
Receives text messages
- Sends and receives voice chats via the App
- Makes and receives calls

The watch comes nicely packaged with clear instructions. Madison is four and Macie is two years and they both learnt after showing them two times how to make a call to me, it’s very reassuring that they know how to use it and we have tested it out and about and it’s worked very well. 

I’m so impressed and thankful that I have this and will definitely give me more confidence when we are out and about. Highly recommended.

Have you tried anything like this?

Shop for TicTocTrack HERE

Watches were gifted for review purposes. All opinions, words are my own.


  1. Oh that is such a clever idea and I bet the girls love it!

    Laura || xx

  2. Such a cute and smart watch! Potential gift for my niece and nephew :)
    Isabella |

  3. Wow that’s a great idea for all parents to have.