Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Dreaming of our next roadtrip using Elinz dash cam and DVD player

Alright, this isolation has me dreaming of our next road trip. It’s looking like international travel will be off the agenda for quite a while, but I’m really hoping it’s safe enough to return to more local travel soon!

One thing I’m super excited about using when we get back out on the road is our new dash cam and in-car DVD player!

To be honest, I’d never really thought about getting a dash cam, I assumed they were just for trucks and other delivery vehicles. But, we’ve been loving the Elinz Dash Cam on our short essential trips to the supermarket!

The best part is the dash cam can record the front or the rear of your car, so it’s really handy for parking as our car doesn’t have a fancy built in camera.

We also got the Elinz In-Car DVD player, which keeps the girls entertained on long drives. They’re getting to that age now where they understand why the drive is taking a long time, but they still need some entertainment to keep them interested.

I can’t wait to get back out on the road and use our new car gadgets! I feel like a super mum now because I’ll be able to use the rear cam to park anywhere I like haha! It’s also really handy to have if we were ever involved in an accident. The camera can record high quality video, which can be used to trace the cause of road incidents.
Stay safe, everyone!

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