Friday, 14 August 2020

The POWer Up Challenge with Prince of Wales Hospital

We’re participating in this year’s first ever POWer Up! Challenge! We are so excited to support this cause now more than ever, after such a challenging year for healthcare workers.This year marks the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation’s inaugural POWer Up! Challenge, an annual fundraising event to support the healthcare heroes at the Prince of Wales Hospital. Between the 14th and 20th of September, the POWer Up! Challenge will see participants pledge to complete 30km ‘their way’ – whether that’s walking, running, swimming, cycling....or even on a pogo stick! 

Funds raised will go towards supporting the everyday superheroes at the Prince of Wales Hospitals- the doctors, nurses and staff.. They do such an amazing job, not only in this current COVID crisis but each and everyday behind the scenes of our healthcare system. Their hard work often goes unnoticed, and initiatives like this are such a great way to show your support. As some of you know my hubby works in healthcare and I admire him for all his hard work – I really don’t know how he does it! This is another reason why we are so happy and proud to be taking part. 

We will be wearing a superhero suit doing our 30km to add to the fun, and we’ll be getting as creative as possible to rack up our kilometres and get donations rolling in! It’s such a great way of also teaching my girls the importance of supporting things that align with their values, and how a sense of community goes a long way in life. 

As we are living in a COVID world, “the POWer Up! Challenge has been designed to be as flexible and accessible as possible with COVID-19 guidelines, so that everyone participating can practice social distancing. It’s also a good opportunity to do something towards improving your own mental and physical health. 

Every dollar raised through the POWer Up! Challenge will go towards delivering new virtual models of care, such as telehealth services, that support patients and staff at the Prince of Wales Hospital. 

Take on the POWer Up! Challenge with the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation today! To sign up, donate or seek further information, visit: #POWERUP2020 #powhf 

Will you be joining us? 



  1. So good your supporting this. Thanks for sharing.

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