Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Leapfrog Christmas gift ideas

 It’s only 10 weeks ‘til Christmas, can you believe it!? To help you get up to speed on your Christmas shopping list, I’m sharing some new and exciting toys we’ve been trialling out in our household. There are lots of fun ways to learn and explore as a family, too! 

Magic Adventures Globe, RRP $129.95 

Young explorers can travel the world and see everything in it with  the Magic Adventures Globe. Way more than just a standard world  map, by using the stylus, children can tap on the 26cm interactive  learning globe to explore countries and capitals, plus experience new places, languages, cultures, animals, geography, habitats and more  with audio responses and videos. With the 7cm integrated video screen, animations and live-action  videos fully immerse children in the curriculum to provide a better  understanding of the world, through more than 5 hours of high-quality BBC videos. They can also play three interactive games called Around the World,  Quiz Show and Where in the World to explore the globe, challenge a  friend and solve mysteries. 

You can continue the learning fun by downloading additional expansion packs: Dinosaurs  and Ancient Beasts or People and Inventions from the LeapFrog App Centre. RRP $9.00  (each sold separately). 

For children aged 5 years and over, the Magic Adventures Globe is available now at Big W,  Myer, good toy stores and online retailers. 

For further information on LeapFrog and its products, visit www.leapfrog.com.au 

Why we love

This one is fun for the WHOLE family! Especially now more than ever while we are living in a pandemic  this has been amazing. The girls love their virtual trips travelling around the world, enjoying games, facts and cultures. It’s been the perfect escape from 2020 and got us excited to one day explore the world again as a family! 

Pick Up & Count Vacuum, RRP $49.95 

Count on picking up learning with the Pick Up & Count Vacuum. This smart  vacuum toy picks up 10 play dust pieces as kids roll the vacuum over them, encouraging motor skills as they easily manoeuvre the pretend vacuum around the room. As the vacuum picks up the dust pieces, it recognises each colour and helps children with colour recognition. Bouncing balls inside the spinning vacuum canister adds excitement to pretend tidying.Three play modes teach colours, numbers and counting with six learning games. Five light-up panels illuminate to match the colour of the piece the vacuum picks up, and the vacuum says the colour name and counts the piece to reinforce  

learning. A dust bin on the back collects and stores all 10 dust pieces. 

For pre-schoolers aged 2-5 years, the Pick Up & Count Vacuum is available 

from mid-September at Big W, good toy stores and online retailers. 

Why we love

Macie loves this one so much! The vacuum giggles and it makes her laugh every time, and hey, if she can love a toy vacuum this much, maybe one day she’ll love helping me vacuum for real!? A mum can dream! 

She gets so excited when she picks up the dust pieces, she counts and says out loud each colour and she’s picked up. If you have a little one learning numbers and colours I highly recommend interactive toys to keep them engaged and learning at the same time.

LeapStart 3D Lion King Simba’s Surprise book, RRP $19.95 

Play along with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King Simba's Surprise  storybook for LeapStart learning systems. While reading along, play problem solving games, search for clues, and listen to music and nature sounds.

Tap the  pictures and words on every page with the LeapStart stylus to magically bring the  storybook to life. Enhance the learning with amazing animations when you  play on a LeapStart system with a screen. Read  along with the storybook to learn about  teamwork and friendship as Simba, Timon and  Pumbaa go on a clue-finding adventure. Match and identify objects, determine similarities and  differences, and listen to sounds to discover what made them. Many activities are designed  with two levels so kids can move up when they’re ready. 

For pre-schoolers aged from 2-6 years, the LeapStart 3D Lion King book is available from mid-September Big W, good toy stores and online retailers. 

Why we love

The girls love all things Lion King, and it’s so nice for them to be able to learn with characters that I knew of myself when growing up! The stories and characters are so magical, it’s nostalgic for me and super fun for them!

LeapPad Digital Games 

For pre-schoolers and kids aged 3 years and over, the LeapPad Digital Games are  available from the LeapFrog App Centre as a digital download. 

Splurgle! Digital Game for LeapPad, RRP $15.00 

https://store.leapfrog.com/en-au/app-centre/p/splurgle/_/A-prod58131-96914 Help Splurgle the Raindrop navigate his way back to the lake. Splurgle the raindrop  got blown off course and needs help getting back to the lake to join his friends.  Transform Splurgle from water to ice and steam to propel him through a maze and  explore the unique characteristics of water. Shake your LeapPad to free splurgle  from sticky situations that could keep him from his mission to get home. Learn  how gravity, heat and motion can turn water into energy and sometimes an  awesomely powerful force. 

Suitable for 4-7 years, teaches physical science and problem solving.  

Polar Bear Run Digital Game for LeapPad, RRP $7.00 

https://store.leapfrog.com/en-au/app-centre/p/polar-bear-run/_/A-prod58299-96914 Solve 40 fun puzzles and help a baby polar bear find his way home. A baby polar  bear is stranded on an iceberg and needs your help to get back to his family's fishing  hole. Clear a safe path through the frozen water by solving 40 puzzles that increase in difficulty. Use spatial reasoning skills and minimise your playing moves  to navigate around arctic animals like seals and walruses.

Suitable for 4-7 years, teaches logic skills, spatial reasoning, and visual puzzles. 

Why we love 

All of leapfrog digital games are always so interactive and engaging. I love that it gets your child thinking  outside the box and learning a lot of new and exciting things. There are so many games available that your little ones will never get bored. 

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Be sure to check out these awesome toys and get ahead of the game. It’ll take so much pressure off come Christmas time, and you may even be able to snag some deals in the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Click Frenzy sales!

For further information on LeapFrog and its products, visit www.leapfrog.com.au, or check out  the LeapFrog news on Facebook LeapFrog ANZ and Instagram leapfrogtoys_anz


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